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Choice-NCE Service Chain

NCE and Choice Logistics' partnership brings
to you a new service offering.

NCE-Choice Service Chain will enable you to enjoy
all the benefits of an accelerated supply chain
like reduced cost, improved performance
and faster service.


Choice Logistics and NCE Group Limited (NCE) have partnered to create a unique set of new service offerings. The Choice-NCE Service Chain is a comprehensive forward and reverse logistics solution that streamlines your screen, repair and technical service chain, worldwide. Benefits include:

- Improved customer service
- Quicker Revenue Generation
- Reduced carrying cost
- Reduced transport costs for returns
- Streamlined replenishment and E&O inventory
- Reduced balancesheet exposure (lower reserves)
- Compressed cash-to-cash cycle time



Choice and NCE are leaders in logistics and repair, respectively. Choice operates a global footprint designed for speed and flexibility comprised of 400 locations in more than 90 countries.  NCE is a global leader in screen, repair and technical services.  Both companies provide these services to blue chip high-tech companies around the world. Together, Choice and NCE have developed an integrated offering that accelerates your service supply chain.



Engineers from both Choice and NCE evaluate your current service chain model and identify efficiencies in order to compress the service chain.  From there, Choice and NCE design a robust process that will short-cycle your returns and reduce inventory levels. Once implemented, Choice-NCE manages the RMA, parts, tech, repair, and returns.

 ACCEL Service Chain


When evaluating hard and soft costs, you can expect the Choice-NCE Service Chain to produce total savings of more than 20%.

What to expect

Take the next step. Let Choice-NCE provide a free diagnostic to determine how you can improve performance, reduce costs, and accelerate your global service chain. 


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