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Data Destruction Services

NCE is here to ensure your precious and personal data doesn't fall into the wrong hands. Giving you the choice of either secure mobile shredding or data wiping of your media.

Addressing the issue

Data Security is a major concern to all organisations and individuals alike. Not only are the risks of criminal damage a worry but of great concern are the legal issues and liability of losing or misusing customers data. There are a number of options available depending on the type of data and the customers’ personal needs. NCE provides a full range of Data Destruction Services to meet the whole spectrum of customer requirements.

Using NCE’s Data Destruction Service, will ensure your valuable data never falls in the wrong hands.

Our solutions

The choice is yours; NCE can provide either mobile on-site shredding where all media types can be physically destroyed, or if you prefer to re-use your media, NCE can safely remove your data while leaving the media ready to be used again.

Mobile Solution - NCE's state of the art mobile shredding vehicle can be deployed to either shred or data wipe media at your convenience at your location.  We understand that data security is of paramount concern and that is why there are CCTV camera's installed in the vehicle to record the entire process from end to end.

Return to base Solution - If the volume or security is low then NCE can provide our in-house Data Wiping service, where we can either return for reuse or destroy all media.

We can provide Data Wiping and Shredding on a wide range of media including; Hard Drives, USB pens/sticks, CD/DVD’s, Mobile Phones, Tapes and more.  With all solutions we can provide serial number logs and data destruction certificates.

NCE HDD Shredding


Thinking of you

NCE's Data Destruction Service is easily adaptable to your specific needs and requirements, and will ultimately ensure that your sensitive data will never be misused.  Please contact your NCE Account Manager for more detailed information.

Services Decommissioning


We offer the complete service for decommissioning your old IT infrastructure. Our engineers are able to deliver a complete solution to remove the old and where applicable install the new.

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Repair Services Data Recovery

Data Recovery

If you’ve lost data from your NAS, call our Data Recovery call centre on 01249 813666.

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NCE Field Service Legacy IT Support

Legacy IT Support

When you are told by the manufacturer that your IT Equipment is no longer supported. Call NCE we can help you protect your investment by continuing support for many more years.

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