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NCE Data Recovery Services

Data loss can be a catastrophic event for any business or individual. Fortunately, there is a solution with NCE’s Data Recovery Services. Recover your data quickly, securely and affordably.

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Recovering the widest range of products

In today's modern world we save data and valuable information to all types of devices, from our smart phones to more sophisticated RAID or NAS systems. Losing data from any type of product can be devastating, should it be your cherished photographs from a wedding or holiday, or your critical financial data from your company's business. Fortunately NCE has the ability to recover data from the widest of product ranges. Even if we have not included it on the list below, please do get in contact and our technicians will be happy to try and assist.

  • Hard Drive Data Recovery
  • Tape Media Data Recovery
  • Camera Data Recovery
  • iPods/MP3 Player Data Recovery
  • USB Sticks & Flash Drive Data Recovery
  • Mobile Phone Data Recovery
  • RAID System Data Recovery
  • NAS Device Data Recovery

Service Levels

NCE provide a range of service levels designed to meet your individual needs. Our Gold service will take the highest priority to ensure you have your data restored in the shortest possible time working around the clock. When cost is more of a precedence than time, then our bronze service will allow you to get your data back in a timely manner but at a very cost effective rate.

Data Recovery Service Levels

Once your device has been evaluated and you have given us the go-ahead on your quotation we will venture to get you data back in the fastest possible time, due to the varying different recovery techniques we use the time to recover can vary dramatically. However, you can rest assured that we're working as hard as possible behind the scenes and we'll endeavour to keep you posted along the way.

For more information please contact our Data Recovery Team on 01249 813666. 

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Data Recovery Service Conditions

  • Please note the Data Recovery charge within the quotation is based on retrieval of any data not all data (or specified data). Should you require specific data recovered and it is technically possible, NCE may be able to provide a data list of visible data, please discuss this with your Account Manager upon submission.
  • Please note that if a donor drive is required for part replacement we will quote on this as required. If the recovery is not successful after a donor has been purchased, the price of the donor drive and/or labor will still be deductable.
  • NCE does reserve the right to offer a bespoke solution for multiple disk assemblies or where the amount of disks or the labour involved is excessive to a standard recovery
  • Please note NCE provides a Data Recovery service not a System Restore service.
  • Please also be aware that once the recovered data has been placed on a drive, this drive will not have an operating system and therefore not a bootable drive.
  • Please note that any unit sent in for Data Recovery evaluation may need to be opened by the NCE Data Recovery team in a controlled environment. NCE reserves the right to do this as required.

*Please read our full data recovery Terms & Conditions here.


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Data Recovery

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